Easy Smart Home Upgrades

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Home Improvement

Smart home technology is rapidly growing in both popularity and accessibility. No longer a luxury for the ultra-rich, these innovative upgrades are available at all price points and are becoming more and more sought-after by today’s home buyers. In fact, a recent survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate and Park Associates found that 44% of respondents consider a “move-in ready home” to be one with smart home technology already installed.

So what are some simple ways to make your home smarter? Among the most popular enhancements is a Wi-Fi thermostat. Using your smartphone or tablet to control it, you can set it to a higher temperature during the day, when your family is away from home at work and school, and a cooler temperature in the evening. Some thermostats are so smart, they actually learn your preferences and set themselves accordingly.


Another highly desirable and affordable smart-home upgrade is the smart lock. Taking the place of a traditional deadbolt, smart locks are controlled by your smartphone (or by your touch, when your smartphone is nearby) and can keep track of who’s coming and going throughout the day.


You can even integrate these smart-home features to work together. When you arrive home for the day and unlock your door, the thermostat adjusts to your “at-home” setting or certain lights turn on. Having these small, simple tasks automated is greatly satisfying and can even save you money on energy bills. Best of all, the prices for these types of products start at under $100.

Written by, Adam